The Buzz

I’ve spent 10 years studying guitar privately with a Master’s Graduate from ASU’s School of Music and later went on to work as a Purchasing Manager with Fender’s Corporate Offices.  Needless to say, I’ve had the opportunity to listen to a wealth of material and you rank at the top of my list in acoustic guitar artists.  Keep putting out the wonderful works of art that you do for guitarists as well as music lovers of every generation and style.

-Mark Held, Phoenix, Arizona Fender Corporate Offices


I listened some of the DVD and it sounded really nice. Great vibe and band! Bravo!

– Peter Sprague, internationally acclaimed jazz guitarist


I can’t thank you enough for the fantastic performance you and your group put on for Panasonic last week. The music selection was perfect – it was scripted perfectly.    Everyone was on their feet and asking my staff where they could get your CDs!

– Mike Farmer, VP Group Travel Sales, Meridian Enterprises


“Peter Pupping has been a wonderful addition to The Lobby Lounge.  The talent and passion he puts into his music has drawn a loyal following to Four Seasons Resort Aviara.  We are delighted to feature such an accomplished artist.”

Four Seasons Resort Aviara


PRA has found a partner of matchless quality in Peter Pupping. His music is outstanding, his professional manner denotes excellence and his flexibility allows him to create the perfect ambiance for any event. Peter Pupping exceeds our expectations time and again – we could not ask for more.”

– Lynn Lee, Director of Sales, PRA Destination Management (Events agent)


You guys were absolutely, completely, totally, (I know it’s an overused word) AWESOME last night. BRILLIANT. Ruth and I really loved it. THANK YOU SO MUCH   “I can no answer make but thanks and thanks and ever thanks”  – Shakespeare, Please tell Bill CONGRATS for me.  You guys are the new Beatles!!!  I’m amazed.  Thanks again.

-Gerard Tanksley, San Diego High Tech Communications Leader


Barbara and I were amazed at the metamorphosis your group has gone through since the last time we saw you!  The concert was fantastic, and your latest album, Sea Journey, is awesome.  Where did you find Allan Phillips?  He’s incredible, but no more so than you two, Roy and Jeff!

-Jim Walsh


Peter, your performance on Saturday was fantastic and my wife Colleen and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  You are the most “effortless” guitarist I have ever seen …. with minimal hand movement you create the most beautiful music … and they call Eric Clapton “slow hand”.  What should we call you?  You’re an amazing talent.  Thanks for an enjoyable evening.

– Craig Kolodge


Here’s a comment from one of our supporters “…Peter Pupping’s band is artistic, divine. And I think midway, couples should be dancing. …I think, gosh it’s a treat to sit, sit and listen to excellent music. It is rare to have the luxury of relaxing listening to music as fine as the Peter Pupping Band. …”

– Joan Wilson, Assistance League


It was wonderful to hear your group again since it has been awhile.  Could not keep the feet and hands still listening to your music and rhythm.  All of you are so talented and inspiring.  We hope to be able to go to your future concerts!     -Bob and Eleanor Flores


Thanks so much for the wonderful entertainment your band, along with Katherine, provided us at our Autumn Fantasy event last week.  It was a delightful addition to our program and we thank you all so very much for sharing your talents with us.

– Cheryl Geigle, Autumn Fantasy, Chair


“Absolutely the greatest concert yet, Peter!  You and your group are amazing.  Hope you’ll always include your finale and also the Tango!  Loved it!”

– Carol Steinz


“Thanks for a FANTASTIC evening.”  -Richard Lennon


Still reeling from last nights performance Peter! Uh-mazing. Thank you for sharing your incredible talents with us…it was the BEST Valentines Day gift..truly!  Love, VJ & Grace
The concert was wonderful, as we knew it would be.  How fortunate we are to have such a great musical group in our area.

-Joan Wilson


Dude, Most excellent. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen your band, quite an evolution. You cats can play!

– Dan


Good Morning, Our CD player is now your music exclusively.

– Martin Haase, Bonita, California


I just wanted to compliment you again on the concert today. That was one of the most enjoyable performances that I have seen in a long time.  It was well paced, and the choice of selections, the performance, and sound quality were all great.

– Greg


Another great performance by all. Marianne (my fiance’) could see the genuine admiration among all the musicians for each other. It was a very special birthday present for her and she can’t get enough of your music. It was so good to see you again and I look forward to the next time.

– John Dauss


Your music continues to send my spirit and thoughts soaring! Sunday night, back yard, full moon, candles … the music was excellent … we also played the CD on the beach in Baja while on vacation. Stupendous!

– Frank Mezta


“You and your fellow musicians were just phenomenal!  We were constantly aware of the wonderful music wafting through the Hacienda, you were never too loud or distracting.  Every song you played seemed perfectly befitting of the moment – from the music before and after the toasts, to the tunes during the cake cutting, to the soft, instrumental music played during dinner.

In the hectic moments before the wedding, it was a comfort to know that we were dealing with such professional musicians.  You arrived on time, were set up well before dinner, dressed appropriately and were extrememly amicable with our guests.   You responded to requests and seemed to know a real medley of music.

“The event was very successful and your music was enjoyed by all.  Thank you for a job well done.”

James F. Barwick, assistant director, Port of San Diego